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Finger Fitness pro is a technical-musical device. It is not intended as a medical device.


How it works on the hand muscles

Finger Fitness Pro is equipped with elastics, which are laid out functionally and made of an extremely resistant material, creating a special lever that tenses the hand muscles so that they have to contract much more than normal in order to move. It therefore acts on muscle contraction, training the muscles with a focus on resistance and speed skills.

With regular use, you will be able to increase the different types of preparatory speed over time, especially resistance speed and fast strength.

Dr. Simone Cairo:

Osteopath – Massotherapist/physiotherapist Specialist in Applied Kinesiology and Clinical Posturology

Specialist in posturology, kinesiology, biomechanics, preventive and adapted exercise.
Promoter of well-being and exercise culture as well as prevention of muscle and tendon pain caused by poor posture and shortened muscle chains.


Tips for use


It is advisable to start using the device gradually, beginning with a 30-40 minute daily exercise routine, preferably divided into several sessions, starting with a minimum of two.

After the first two-three weeks, it is advisable to increase the workload and its duration by 10-15%, with progressions that can take place twice a week, up to a maximum of two hours a day.

In this way, the musician will notice that he/she can handle the workload better over time.

However, it is not recommended to use the device continuously for an extended period of time.

Finger Fitness Pro can also be used when not playing an instrument, for example during normal day-to-day activities. In doing so, and in the meantime, left-hand exercises can be carried out, focusing primarily on finger speed and range of motion.


After training your left hand using the Finger Fitness Pro finger exerciser, you will need to stretch the muscles of your hand, forearm and arm.

During training, your muscles will have been put under strain in terms of resistance and speed as the device acts on muscle contraction, meaning that your muscles will tend to be tense and more contracted after using it.

It is therefore advisable, after the training session, to fully stretch your upper limb with stretching and muscle loosening exercises.