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I’ve been a passionate guitar player since the age of 14.

Ever since I started playing the guitar, I have considered having good technique as an essential requirement for musicians to be able to express themselves through their music, but it can also be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. When the technique is mastered, the relationship between a musician and his/her instrument becomes more intense and engaging.

I vividly remember how frustrated I felt when, after finishing university, I started working full time: all of a sudden, I had very little time left for playing and practicing guitar, and I noticed that my technique was getting worse and worse as time went by.

As a fan of fusion music and progressive metal, losing command of technique was a huge problem for me: when I picked up the guitar, I had to choose whether to use the little spare time I had to study harmony or improve my technique, which meant I always had to give up on one or the other.

Around that time, I had found out about some hand exercise devices that claimed to improve technical performance when playing musical instruments; however, they had a major drawback in that they covered the whole hand on which they were worn and offered a passive kind of exercise, which involved repeating certain movements.

These movements were very different from those actually made when playing a musical instrument: after a few days of use, I realized that these devices were of no benefit at all.

So I figured I had to do something more, but I had to do it myself: it was back then that I first came up with the idea of Finger Fitness Pro, a device that could be worn and that you could exercise your hand with, leaving the palm of the hand free to hold any kind of object, for example a musical instrument.

Daniele R., inventor of the Finger Fitness ProTM.


Finger Fitness Pro was entirely conceived, designed and engineered in Italy.

Thanks to a combination of ingenuity and creativity, a one-of-a-kind product was created, which is sure to bring added value to any stringed instrument player.

It took more than a decade of work and many prototypes for the current design to be achieved. It was developed with the support of experienced designers, 3D designers and engineers, and through consultation with guitarists and orthopedic and traumatology specialists.

The aim of this was to make sure that everyone who uses Finger Fitness Pro can get the best possible performance out of their instrument, and to develop an efficient technique and maintain it over time.

This is how the all-Italian idea of combining technique with the pleasure of playing music came about. An idea named Finger Fitness Pro.